Sarah O'Shea

Sarah is an accomplished professional singer who started singing in pubs and clubs in the east end of London at the tender age of 14. At 17 to 19 Sarah did 'her apprenticeship' in the business and worked as a red coat.

Sarah has fronted function bands, performing at weddings and corporate events. She had a three month contract in Dubai as the resident singer in the lounge bar at 'Dusit Dubai' and following that, went onto sing at the Emirates golf club on New Year's Eve every year for the next five years.

Sarah was the lead female vocalist and backing vocalist in Dave Finnegan's commitments for two years, performing at festivals, theatres and big corporate events such as the Labour Party conference.
Recently, the band have been making a comeback and Sarah flew to the South of France to perform at a large summer festival with them.

In the last ten years Sarah has been mostly performing as a solo artist in restaurants, clubs and pubs and at weddings and corporate events.

Sarah’s favourite kind of music is country, which is why she is so excited to be a part of the touring theatre show, 'The Queens of country' as one of the principle vocalists.
Listen to Sarah sing "Mama Do"

Listen to Sarah sing "Chuck E.'s in Love"