Jamie Flanagan as Michael Bublé

Jamie started singing at an early age, as a youngster he was surrounded by the songs of the American songbook which have ingrained on his musical Career, when he was introduced to Sinatra’s songs and sound he was instantly captivated. He has lived and breathed the swing and jazz genre for many years giving him an ability to replicate these songs effortlessly, he is heavily influenced by Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr and of course Michael Bublé, Elvis Presley and many many others.

Jamie has an extensive knowledge of his favourite musical artists and portrays his vocal range in a spectacular fashion. His instantly recognisable voice has throughout his career been compared and likened to Michael Bublé.

Being a Bublé fan, it’s not hard to see why the two go hand in hand, Replicating Bublé has been a career for ten years for Jamie who has enjoyed Great success with his act.

His honest and Flawless renditions of Bublé's arrangements of songs and stage persona is unmatched and has given Jamie a renowned reputation within the Tribute industry.

Jamie continues to perform extensively across the UK and Worldwide with performances in theatre, Cruise ships and top entertainment venues.